Boca Raton Electric Pool Heating

Boca Raton Electric Pool Heating

Electric pool heater complements your gas heater and provides a more cost-effective way to heat your pool. If you're planning to invest in a pool heater, the question is which type of pool heater you're going to get. Here are the best pool heaters to buy in 2022. You can pick the model that meets and suits your needs.

VEVOR Electric Pool Heater 11Kw 220V Electric Pool Heater 

VEVOR Electric Pool Heater is a quality heating system that offers superior value. This device is made with an aluminum-coated house plate to protect it from harsh weather. It uses stainless steel to provide the power you need to raise the pool water temperature. The temperature ranges from 72 degrees to 122 degrees. This device will turn off automatically when the water temperature reaches the desired level. These types of electric pool heaters are easy to install and operate.

Hayward W3HP21404T Pool Heat Pump, 140,000 BTU 

The Hayward W3HP21404T is an electric heater that raises the pool temperature to your desire level and allows you to swim during cold days and nights. This product delivers an exceptional heating performance of 140,000 BTU. It has an ultra-gold evaporator fin to help protect the internal components from corrosion. This electric pool heater has an injection-molded plastic body that resists rust, deterioration, and ultraviolet radiation, so it's a long-lasting choice that's easier to maintain.  

Hayward W3HP21004T HeatPro Pump

Hayward W3HP21004T is another good electric pool heater you should consider in 2022 as it's made from durable materials. This heater is designed for quiet and effective execution. It's resistant to rust and corrosion. With 95,000 BTU of warming control, the Hayward HeatPro pump can rapidly raise your pool temperatures. This powerful small electric pool heater is a must-have for every pooler owner. 

EcoSmart Electric Tankless Pool Heaters

EcoSmart is a tankless electric heater that can serve small to medium size pools, so you won't get the same BTU rating as you find in other heaters. This product features a flow sensor technology that helps to prevent scorched elements when heating. It features a digital thermostat that lets you make precise temperature adjustments and create the perfect pool environment. In addition, this heater runs powerfully, and it takes up almost no space. 

SmartPool S601 Pool Solar Heaters

Consider getting this electric pool heater from SmartPool if you need to raise your pool's temperature without breaking the bank. It's a solar-powered electric pool heater that utilizes the sun's energy to increase your pool temperature. Depending on climate conditions and sun exposure, this heater works well to raise your pool temperatures by a few degrees. It is perfect for small to medium-sized overground pools.

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