Delray Beach Electric Pool Heating

Delray Beach Electric Pool Heating

While it’s always refreshing to jump into a cool pool on a sweltering day, your pool water can sometimes be too cold, especially when the weather outside isn’t ideal. Fortunately, pool water doesn’t have to be uncomfortably cold. With Delray Beach electric pool heating, you can enjoy optimal temperature levels in your pool, even on chiller evenings or days.

There are a variety of options for heating your pool water that'll ensure your pool is warm enough to take a swim all year round, from gas heaters to electric heaters to Delray Beach solar pool heating. If you’re wondering which pool heating unit is best for you, we can help. At Florida Pool Heating, we'll guide you in choosing the ideal device that suits your needs, climate, and budget.

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Pool Heating

Electric pool heating in Delray Beach utilizes air and electricity to heat your pool during cold seasons. With the aid of a fan, an electric pool heater sucks sun-warmed air from outside the pool. It then circulates this air through an evaporator coil to warm pool water. Cold water that enters the heating unit comes out warm, and this goes on until your pool water attains the ideal temperature.

These devices only work best if the outside temperature remains above 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, they’re the perfect choice for homeowners who live in warmer climates.

So, is an electric heater right for you? It’s important to note that an electric heating unit might not be the right fit for every pool owner. As such, you should consider all the pros and cons of this type of this device before making your final decision.

  • Steady Temperatures

Although electric heaters take longer to warm a pool compared to gas heaters, they successfully maintain the right pool temperature for longer.

  • Cost

If you're searching for a pool heater that costs less up front, then you should go for electric pool heaters. The initial cost of buying as well as installing this device is less expensive. However, if you need to use your heater more often, an electric heater can be more costly in the long run.

  • Reliability

The reliability of an electric heater is unmatched. For instance, the performance of a solar pool heater in Delray Beach relies on the amount of sun available. But this isn't a concern with an electric heat pump as long as it's not extremely chilly outside. This means that you can have your pool adequately warmed throughout the year if you live in an area that has temperatures of 45-50°F.

Trusted, Reliable Pool Heater Installers

Have you decided it’s time to invest in Delray Beach electric pool heating? Get superior quality installation services from us at Florida Pool Heating. Our finest pool heater installers in Delray Beach, FL, are licensed, insured, and certified to expertly install pool heaters. Rest assured, once we're done with the job, you'll enjoy pleasantly warm pool water 24/7, no matter the season. Call us or send us an email if you need service or have questions:

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