Delray Beach Gas Pool Heating

Delray Beach Gas Pool Heating

Your swimming pool is a luxury that offers a soothing oasis during the summer. But just because the summer temperature is hot enough to warm your pool doesn’t necessarily mean your pool will always stay that way. You can rely on a pool heater to give your pool a consistent temperature all year round without costing a fortune. You need someone that can help keep your pool heater working efficiently and correctly, and that is where Pool Heat comes in. At Pool Heat, we can help you with gas pool heater repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation service in Deerfield Beach. Here is an overview of our gas pool heater services Deerfield Beach.

Gas Pool Heater Installation

Whether for residential or commercial pools, Pool Heat has the experience and tools to help install an energy-efficient heater. We not only provide you with the best pool heater, but our technicians will also install your heater to perfection. By choosing Pool Heat for your installation, you can rest assured that we will offer you high efficiency, high-quality pool heater that has been designed to last and give you the ultimate comfort. Our experienced technicians are fully trained and licensed to meet your needs. We will offer you the best pool heating system you and your family need to stay comfortable.

Gas Pool Heater Repair

At Pool Heat, we repair almost any brand of gas pool heater. From a simple repair to a more complex job, our team has the technical know-how and right tools to diagnose the problem and solve it – our truck service trucks carry most gas pool heater parts for a fast repair. The sooner you contact Pool Heat, the faster our technicians can get your pool heater repaired. Some of the common pool heater repairs include: 

  • Gas heater not igniting
  • Strange noises like sparking, whistling, or clicking
  • Water leaks
  • Gas heater pilot, not lighting
  • A dark exhaust coming from the heater
  • The pool heater doesn’t reach a set temperature 
  • Gas Pool Heater Replacement

If your existing gas pool heater has become obsolete, Pool Heater can handle the replacement for you. This is a job for a professional; fortunately, our technicians have lots of experience upgrading gas swimming pool heaters in Deerfield Beach. Our technicians will recommend the best pool heater model and make that is perfect for your need. Gas pool heaters have come a long way; they have never been more efficient and easier to replace. Besides, Pool Heat has options for every budget.

Gas Pool Heater Maintenance 

Much like your HVAC, annual maintenance is needed to keep your pool heater running optimally. You can keep your pool heater up and running efficiently and effectively when you give it the maintenance it requires. Pool Heat provides expert pool heater preventive maintenance that will ensure your system runs perfectly for several years to come.

Delray Beach Gas Pool Heating 

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