Weston Gas Pool Heating

Weston Gas Pool Heating

Are you looking to enhance your swimming experience? What better way to do it than with Weston gas pool heating. Installing a gas heater will ensure comfortable pool temperatures, allowing you to take a dip whenever, wherever. At Florida Pool Heating, we can help you control the comfort of your swimming pool by professionally installing gas swimming pool heaters in Weston. And if you need pool heater maintenance or pool heater repair, we’re the experts to call.

Pros and Cons of Gas Pool Heating


The benefits of using gas include:

  • Quicker

A gas pool heater comes with a combustion chamber responsible for heating copper coils. When water from your pool passes through these coils, it's heated then returned to the pool. This impeccable design helps gas heaters to heat pool water faster compared to other pool heating options. On average, these heaters raise the temperature by about 2 to 5 degrees every hour. This makes gas the perfect pool heater if you occasionally use your pool for a short period.

  • Fewer Repairs

Since gas heats pools much faster, the system doesn’t have to operate for long. Thus, gas pool heaters often experience fewer issues with wear and tear compared to electric heat pumps. Fewer problems reduce the need for frequent, extensive, and costly repairs.

  • Can be Cost-Effective

There are two types of gas pool heaters: natural gas and propane pool heaters. As such, you’ll have to get a propane tank or natural gas in your home to run these heaters. Because a lot of homes already have natural gas pipes, installing a natural gas pool heater will be less costly.

  • Highly Efficient

Unlike solar and electric heaters, gas pool heaters remain unaffected by the temperatures outside. This means that the heater can run efficiently even in chilly, freezing temperatures.


Some of the drawbacks of gas pool heating are:

  • Propane is Expensive

Without natural gas on your property, you’ll require a propane tank that will be refilled from time to time. Depending on the market prices, propane can be more than double the cost of natural gas, making gas heaters that use propane expensive to operate.

  • Short Lifespan

While regular maintenance of gas pool heaters can extend their lifespan, they can only last for about five years.

  • Increase Carbon Footprint

Since gas pool heaters emit carbon dioxide, they're the least environmentally friendly option.

Enhance Your Swimming Pool Experience with Pool Heaters

You normally jump into your pool without a second thought when it's scorching hot outside. But the same isn't true when it's very cold. The good news is, swimming season doesn't have to end too soon. By getting a Weston gas pool heating system, you can swim for as long as you like and any time you want, whether it's chilly or sweltering outside, all year long. At Florida Pool Heating, we provide top-of-the-line gas pool heater services in Weston that will keep your swimming season super long and fun. Call us or send us an email if you need service or have questions: dennis@poolheat.com.

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