How Much Does It Cost To Run A Pool Heater?

How much does it cost to run a pool heater? Well, you’ll need to know how much energy it takes, what kind of fuel you use and the cost per kilowatt hour where you live. You can figure out your total costs by multiplying these factors together; for example a 100-gallon pool that runs on natural gas would require about 2400 watts times 24 hours times 50 cents an kWh equals $180/month in electricity bills.

Once you have this information, we recommend figuring out if solar is right for your needs as well. Solar heating system pool heaters are typically around $5000-$10000 but they’re more efficient than other technologies and save money over time since there’s no monthly fee. If the upfront investment isn’t something you want or can afford, then  you can also look into financing options for solar heating systems or other types of pool heaters.

Different Types of Heaters

Electric Pool Heater CostGas Heaters: You can purchase gas heaters that either connect to an outside natural gas line or run on bottled propane tanks. These in ground models come with their own built-in automatic shut down feature if they detect low oxygen levels due to lack of airflow around the heater area within ten minutes, which means it won’t explode from running out of air like other open flame units might do. They also provide good surface coverage but require more space under them than electric ones  (usually about three feet).

Electric Heaters: These come in several different types of configurations (cool water, hot water, and solar), but all work the same way. They require an electrical current to power them which is usually coming from your home’s circuit breaker box or a dedicated line running directly into your pool area. The heaters are placed on top of the surface just like gas heaters, but they use less space than gas ones do since you don’t need any room around it for venting purposes.

– Solar Pool Covers: You can also get cover systems that have heating elements sewn into their underside so you can reduce pool costs by using this free alternative energy source instead of electric or natural  gas. They are placed on the surface of your pool and work by converting solar power into heat energy, which is then stored in a series of tubes that run through the cover to keep it warm when not exposed to sunlight.

Different Types of HeatersSolar Heaters: These units sit inside an insulated box with glass panels on one side so they can soak up any available sun during warmer months for use later at night or during overcast days. Once again, no direct connection is required as long as you have a good view out onto your backyard from where you’re sitting inside the house. You will need some form of water circulation system (usually just a standard pool filter pump) running near them though since these don’t move around like gas or electric models do to  distribute the heat.

Cost or Running Pool Heaters

The costs vary depending who’s installing it and what type of heater you decide on getting. Typically though, people spend $500-$1000 for either an install  or purchase.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Pool Heater Per MonthPools are great for cooling down on a hot day in the summer. In recent years, however, pools have become more popular during winter months as well. Unlike many outdoor sources of heaters that may be cheaper and easier to install than a pool heater, pools must contain water at all times otherwise they will freeze up! The three most common types of pool heaters used today include solar, gas and electric heated pools – each with their own advantages and disadvantages compared to the other two options.

If you’re not sure about how much it costs to run a pool heater, just contact Florida Pool Heating! We’d love to help figure out your best option and answer any questions that might come up with your project. Our specialists are always happy to chat so give us a call at  (954) 324-2744


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