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Chlorinating methods have allowed us to enjoy the benefits of swimming pools without dealing with the lack of sanitation and harmful toxins for many years. Unfortunately, the traditional chlorine has a few drawbacks, such as dry skin reactions and irritation. There is another way to keep your pool water clean and fresh that does not involve the use of strong chemicals like liquid chlorine. Salt Chlorine Generators by AutoPilot provide you with the same results as chlorine minus the red-eye syndrome, the strong smell and the recurring responsibilities that come with typical chlorine maintenance.

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Why A Salt Chlorine Generator?

Salt is a natural element found in the earth, in our body and in our homes. It is used to season and preserve our food, rinse out contact lenses and soften our drinking water. Salt is a very economical commodity. When the ions in salt are passed over specially coated blades and induced with a low voltage electrical charge it is converted into chlorine. It is the same process that is used to convert seawater into laundry bleach. When this process is incorporated into your swimming pool you have your very own “chlorine generator”.

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Autopilot Chlorine Generator

Why Use Autopilot Salt Chlorine Generator

AutoPilot has been the technological leader in the chlorine generation process for swimming pools since 1976. There are over a half million satisfied AutoPilot owners worldwide. In fact over 90% of the swimming pools in Australia are sanitized with chlorine generators. AutoPilot sets the standard for dependability, features and performance … and has a unit to fit every need and budget.

For 30 years, AutoPilot has been producing the finest Salt Chlorine Generators (electrolytic chlorine generator systems) for your pool. They are your most reliable source for chlorine generators – the most sought after form of alternative pool sanitation available in today’s marketplace. By adding a minimum saline level in your pool, the equivalent of one teaspoon per gallon of water, and an AutoPilot salt conversion cell, we can show you the way to trouble free pool maintenance and the most luxurious, softest feeling water imaginable – everyday, the natural way. Never worry about manually adding chlorine to your pool again. Never deal with irritating dry skin or red eye syndrome. Never buy, transport or store chlorine again. AutoPilot guarantees perfect pool water with their chlorine generator.

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Autopilot Chlorine Generator

ChlorSync ™ Features

  • Patented temperature compensation
  • Simple installation and service
  • Automatic model detection
  • 24-hour boost cycle
  • Tri-sensor measures flow, temperature, and salt level
  • Operates at water temperatures up to 104º F/40º C
  • Operates at flow rates as low as 20 gpm (4.5 m3/h)
  • Automatic cover connection capability
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Autopilot Chlorine Generator

PoolSync ™ Capabilities

Control your salt chlorine generator right through your phone and get advanced functionality when paired with the PoolSync™

  • View current salt level and water temperature
  • See how much salt to add when needed
  • Receive notification when the cell needs to be cleaned
  • Be alerted should the unit need any attention


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  • Extreme Reliability: Simple construction using legendary Jandy Never Lube® Valve material for long-term durability.
  • Easy to Install: Two models available — one for new construction and one with 2-2½” unions for retrofit installations.
  • Simple to Inspect: Clear window on top allows easy visual inspection of blades.
  • Convenient to Clean: Unscrew the cell from the body, hold unto the cord, and easily dip into the cleaning solution.
  • Versatile: Tool-free twist-lock cord connector for one-step, foolproof electrical connection to the power pack.
  • Energy-Efficient: Works at extremely low-flow rates, so TruClear is fully compatible with today’s variable-speed pumps.

Other Features Include:

  • Tool free inspection, servicing, and cleaning
  • Self-contained — automation optional, but not required
  • Auto-reversing polarity reduces calcium buildup
  • Digital display for easy output adjustments
  • Compact design for easy integration into most equipment pad configurations
  • Patent-pending gas-trap, for maintenance-free* reliability, with NO moving parts

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