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It’s common knowledge that the heat found in Florida can be hot. Real hot. What better way to spend those warm days than taking a dip in the pool? We can’t think of anything better than that! Pools are the best way to spend time outdoors, especially when battling the blazing heat found in Boca Raton. Your pool will feel incredible on days like this, but what about the cooler fall and winter months? You shouldn’t only be able to enjoy your pool during certain parts of the year. Florida Pool Heating is here to tell you that it’s possible to take advantage of your pool no matter what the temperature outside is. Our pool heating service in Boca Raton is able to provide you with the perfect pool heater for your pool and budget. These heaters will keep your pool at a comfortable temperature no matter what time of the year. 

Florida Pool Heating is a family-owned and operated business. For 30 years now, we have been by serving Palm Beach and the surrounding areas and since then, we have helped thousands of Boca Raton homeowners with finding the optimal heating solution for their pool. We want to do everything we can to keep your pool at the perfect temperature. We are able to do this by keeping a large inventory of different types of pool heaters that work for any pool type. Florida Pool Heating works directly with each customer to build a strong relationship with every customer and help them find the perfect heating solution. Doing this has helped us become one of the most trusted pool heating companies in all of Boca Raton. 

Our pool heaters give you the power to enjoy a perfect-temperature pool that is relaxing and enjoyable no matter what season it is. Florida Pool Heating offers everything your pool needs, from new pool heater installation to pool heater repairs, even if it isn’t our product.


Why Do I Need a Pool Heater in Boca Raton

Pool heating service in boca raton

Boca Raton isn’t known to have super cold winters, but the area is still affected by the winter period where temperatures do typically decline. These temperature drops are usually observed from November to March. During this stretch of time, you can see temperatures dropping to as low as the 50s. This weather doesn’t call for winter jackets, but it’s still not the best weather for using the pool. Our pool heating service in Boca Raton can change that by keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature all year round. Investing in a pool heater can be seen as investing in an additional 5 months of pool usage. 

Owning a pool heater also allows you to control when you want to use the pool. No longer do you need to plan pool usage around the sun. When you want to use the pool, just turn on the heater and enjoy perfect pool temperatures.


Our Pool Heating Options

Being one of Florida’s oldest and largest pool companies means we have plenty of different pool heating options to choose from. Each of these options comes with different advantages attached to them and can thrive in some pools better than others. These heating options include:


Electric Heat Pump

thermolink heat exchange

Considered the most popular type of pool heater, the electric heat pump is one of the most used pool heating options in all of Florida. Florida Pool Heating currently carries the AquaCal line of pool and spa heaters to keep your pool heated. These heaters come in a variety of sizes that come with different features in order to match your pool type and budget. 

We back the AquaCal line of heating products due to the fact that they’re one of the best pool heating brands around. These pool heaters utilize the ThermoLink Heat Exchanger, a piece of patented technology that uses titanium metal as the main building material. This strong metal helps resist water-chemical damage that other heat exchanges commonly have an issue with. When a pool heater breaks down, the most common reason is due to the heat exchanger being compromised. 

Electric water heaters are extremely efficient and will not bring a large increase to your monthly electricity bill. If you’re looking for a pool heating service in Boca Raton, our electric water heaters will help you enjoy your pool all year long. 


AquaCal Variable Speed Heat Pump

Introducing the newest and most advanced pool heater to date, the AquaCal Variable Speed Heatwave SuperQuiet. As a pool heating service in Boca Raton, this is the most advanced pool heater we currently offer. Packed with features and technologies, this heater will automatically adjust its speed, helping maximize efficiency and providing the perfect level of heat based on the environment around it. The smart technology is able to perfectly calculate what needs to be adjusted to sustain the perfect pool temperature. 

These pumps come in a number of different sizes that include different features to match your budget and pool heating needs. Just like the electric heating pump, this heater also takes advantage of the ThermoLink Heat Exchanger so you don’t have to worry about your pool heater failing prematurely. 


Gas Heating Pumps

Gas heaters are the option for you if you want your pool to warm up as quickly as possible. Compared to other pool heating options, nothing comes close to the efficiency of gas heaters. These heaters are able to heat pools quickly since they use a direct and constant flame to heat the water that cycles through your pool. 

Gas heaters will work best for in-ground pools and extend the swimming pool season all year long. Depending on the model you choose, these heaters can run on both propane and natural gas. It should be noted that these heaters will be slightly more expensive to operate since they use gas to operate rather than electricity. If you plan on using your gas heater for an extended period of time, make sure you have an ample supply of gas readily available.

Gas heaters exhibit their true prowess in the context of in-ground pools, ensuring a year-round extension of the swimming season. This versatile heating solution accommodates both propane and natural gas, a feature contingent on your chosen model. It’s worth noting, however, that the operational cost of gas heaters might be moderately higher due to their reliance on gas rather than electricity.

For those intending to harness the benefits of a gas heater over an extended duration, prudent management of a sufficient gas supply is paramount. By upholding a reservoir of gas, you’re poised to capitalize on the consistent and efficient pool heating facilitated by these systems. In summary, gas heaters encapsulate a swift and proficient method to elevate pool temperatures, with their efficacy accentuated in the context of in-ground pools aiming for prolonged usability across varying seasons.

Solar Heating

If you want to save money and the environment around you while you heat your pool, then solar pool heaters are what you’re looking for. We are an exclusive Heliocol Dealer in South Florida and this is the most cost-effective option on the list. Using the sun to power itself, our Heliocol solar pool heats can increase your pool’s temperature by up to 15 degrees. 

Solar power heating from Heliocol has been the industry leader in both commercial and residential pools ever since they released their revolutionary pool solar heating panel back in 1977. You’ll save money and keep your pool at a stable temperature with these amazing heaters. 

Among the array of options available, the Heliocol solar pool heater emerges as an exceptionally cost-effective choice. By harnessing the inexhaustible power of the sun, these solar heaters can remarkably augment your pool’s temperature by up to a substantial 15 degrees. This translates into an extended swimming season and enhanced comfort for swimmers and enthusiasts alike.

The acclaim attributed to Heliocol in the field of pool heating is rooted in its pioneering legacy. Since introducing their groundbreaking pool solar heating panel in 1977, Heliocol has steadfastly held its position as an industry leader, catering to both residential and commercial pool heating needs. By opting for Heliocol’s solar pool heating solutions, not only are you poised to reap financial savings, but you are also ensuring consistent and optimal pool temperature management, adding further value to your aquatic leisure experiences.


Get Your Pool Heated Today!

Having a pool is a luxury, which is why you should be able to enjoy it no matter what the weather is like outside. As a pool heating service in Boca Raton, we know we can do what it takes in order for you to enjoy your pool all year long. We deal with all of our customers directly in order to provide the best pool heating solution. Visit our contact page now if you’re ready to experience the perfect pool temperatures all year round. 


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