How Do I Know if my Pool is Leaking?

By 561media | Sep 9, 2022

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and refreshing as taking a dip in the pool on a hot Florida day. Finding pools in Florida is common with over 1.4 million homes currently owning their own pool. Summer days in Florida rarely drop below the 90s which makes having access to a pool a must. Florida residents utilize their pools much more than other places across the country. 

As you continually use your pool, you may notice that the water level is progressively getting lower. While evaporation and general playtime in the pool can result in water loss, it could also be the result of a leak in your pool. It can be difficult to know if your pool has a leak or not, which is why Florida Pool Heating wants to show you how to determine if your pool is leaking. 

Florida Pool Heating can help you with pool leak repairs. If your pool is leaking, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page.

Sudden Water Bill Increase

If you have noticed a sudden spike in your monthly water bill, it could be a sign that your pool is leaking. Small holes and cracks are capable of leaking out hundreds of gallons of water each week. If your pool isn’t the reason, it could still be a sign that there is water leakage somewhere else in your home. Leaks going unnoticed for a long period of time can result in damage to your pool and home’s structure.

Standing Water

If you notice a puddle of water sitting near your pool and no one has used the pool nor has it rained, it can be a sure sign that your pool is leaking. If there is grass by your pool, stand on it and see if it feels mushy or even. This can be a sign that there is an underwater leak that needs to be taken care of. 

Varying Chemical Levels

Try doing a test for chemical levels in your pool. If the chemical levels are fluctuating, this can also be a sign of leakage. As water leaks out of your pool, it brings chemicals with it. This is why the chemical levels in your pool could be falling without reason. Trying to maintain steady chemical levels in your pool is impossible when there’s a leak. 

Algae Growth or Oddly Colored Water

A pool that doesn’t maintain standard chemical levels with beginning to see the growth of algae. When algae develop in a pool, it can begin to turn green. Green pools are dangerous and should be avoided. 

Cracks In and Around Your Pool

Just like we mentioned above, small cracks in a pool or around a pool can drain hundreds of gallons of water per week. These cracks should be sealed immediately to stop water from leaking out of the pool. 

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