Pool Temperature Cooling Tips

By 561media | Aug 1, 2023

Summer in full swing means it’s time to dive into your pool and enjoy the refreshing waters. However, as temperatures soar, keeping your pool cool becomes essential for a comfortable swimming experience. While Flordia Pool Heating knows all about keeping your pool warm, during the summer months it can be more difficult to cool it down. With these effective tips and tricks to beat the summer heat, you can maintain an oasis of cool in your backyard.


Partial Water Replacement

During extended periods of hot weather, consider partial water replacement. By draining a portion of the pool water and refilling it with cooler water, you can bring down the overall temperature of the pool. This can be especially effective in regions with access to natural underground water sources or well water.


Solar Rings and Pool Umbrellas

Solar rings, also known as solar covers, are an eco-friendly way to keep your pool cool. These floating covers capture solar energy during the day and release it as heat during the night, preventing excessive heat gain. Additionally, using large pool umbrellas or shade sails can provide protection from direct sunlight, helping to maintain lower water temperatures.


Install Misting Systems

Misting systems are an excellent option for poolside cooling. These systems spray fine water mist into the air, which evaporates quickly and creates a cooling effect. They can be installed around the pool area, on patio covers, or even on poolside structures.


Regular Pool Maintenance

Proper pool maintenance plays a significant role in keeping your pool cool. Regularly clean the pool, skimmers, and filters to ensure optimal water circulation and prevent debris buildup, which can trap heat. Also, maintain proper chemical balance, as poorly balanced water can lead to higher temperatures.


Evening Pool Parties

If you plan to host a pool party, consider scheduling it in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Nighttime pool parties not only provide relief from the heat but also create a magical atmosphere with well-placed lighting.


Wet T-Shirts and Towels

For a quick and fun way to cool down, provide wet t-shirts or towels for swimmers to wear while in the pool. The evaporative cooling effect will help keep their body temperatures down while they enjoy the water.


Avoid Overcrowding

While pool parties are a blast, overcrowding the pool can lead to a rapid increase in water temperature. Limit the number of people in the pool at a time to avoid excessive heat buildup.


Evaporative Cooling Towels

Consider providing your guests with evaporative cooling towels that they can drape around their necks or lay on their lounge chairs. These towels stay cool for hours and offer soothing relief during hot poolside days.


Monitor Weather Conditions

Stay informed about the weather forecast, especially heatwaves or extreme temperature spikes. Be proactive in implementing cooling strategies during such times to protect your pool and ensure everyone’s comfort.

With these additional tips, you have a comprehensive arsenal to keep your pool cool throughout the scorching summer months. Implementing a combination of landscaping, shade, water features, and cooling technologies will create an enjoyable and refreshing swimming experience for you, your family, and your guests. Embrace the summer heat with confidence, knowing you have the means to keep your pool cool and inviting!

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