Two Important Milestones

By Admin | Dec 19, 2016

For clients of Pool Service and Pool Troopers there is still one month to take advantage of our Spring Special Filter maintenance and equipment check. This annual preventative maintenance on your pool’s equipment is designed to get your pool and its equipment ready for the swim season which is upon us now. DE filters need to be disassembled and cleaned, and cartridges need to be checked and replaced if needed. Seals and O-rings need to be checked, lubricated and replaced, and a safety inspection of the pool pump and filter, the timer and wiring, as well as the drain covers in the pool needs to be done. All of this is included in this service.

Thousands of you have already taken advantage of this service where we bundle all these activities and give you a discount to perform these services. Of course we do these things year round, but in the spring when most clients need it we do it for a reduced price. We believe you should be free of the worries and concerns of your pool so that you are truly free to enjoy your pool.

That belief is why we discount our prices when you need the service the most. Give us a call today, this Spring Special runs through May, and we would be honored to have your back and get your pool ready for the family’s enjoyment!

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