What Should a Full Pool Inspection Include?

By 561media | Dec 13, 2022

What Should a Full Pool Inspection Include?

Pool inspections are something that every home buyer and homeowner should conduct in order to understand what condition it is in and detect early signs of damage before it’s too late. If problems go unchecked for some time, it could lead to a much more costly repair. That’s why Florida Pool Heating is here to help you understand what a professional pool inspection should cover and what it will tell you about your pool. 


What is Included in a Pool Inspection?

A pool inspection will cover a number of different areas in and around your pool. Before you get an inspection done, you should always ask the inspector what will be inspected so you know if anything is missed. 


Pool Safety

The first thing a pool inspector will make sure of is that your pool is safe for usage. There are different areas a pool inspector will look at such as electrical wiring close and away from the pool as well as walkways around your pool to ensure they aren’t too slippery. 

Pool inspectors will also look at the fencing if present, around your pool to make sure it’s working properly and no one accidentally ends up falling in. Fencing around pools is required to be a certain height so kids can’t climb over and the height will vary depending on what state you’re in. 

Pool inspections usually don’t coordinate with local laws and regulations, so if you’re curious about this you’ll need to look it up on your own or with a code inspector. 


Pool Interior

Checking the pool’s interior is an important part of the inspection as it can be a good way to spot small cracks that can become larger in the future. Cracks can begin to spread fast and if it isn’t taken care of, it can lead to large cracks and leaks down the line. There are a number of different types of plaster used to coat the inside of a pool, so make sure your inspector knows what type is used. 


Pool Lighting

Most pools will come with lights installed inside. Pool inspectors should make sure these lights are working and that there is no mildew or mold forming on the inside of the light. 


Tile & Decking Around The Pool

The deck surrounding your pool most likely sees a lot of foot traffic each year. Even if the pool isn’t being used, you may still sit around the pool or on the edge with your feet in the water. This is why the deck is an important part of the pool inspection. Pool inspectors will check the “coping” around your pool. It is usually 12-18 inches wide and made of some kind of hard material like brick, stone, or concrete. Chips in the coping can lead to tripping hazards and other dangerous debris in the pool. 


Get Your Pool Inspection Done Today!

This is only the area of the main pool area a pool inspection will cover. Pool inspectors will also need to check many areas outside of your pool as well as any accessories attached to your pool. If you’re in need of a pool inspection in South Florida, then Florida Pool Heating has you covered. We know what needs to be done in order to carry out a perfect and meaningful pool inspection. Visit our contact page today if you need your pool inspected. 

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